Passive mode (ftp)?

Is this a panel.dreamhost option or an ftp client option? Some of my downloads will randomly stop and there’s always something about Passive mode in the log window, and one of my friends said he had troubles with Passive mode when he had his webspace a while ago (not on dreamhost).

Passive mode is something you configure in the ftp client. It will let you use ports other than 21, and is intended to let you transfer files while sitting behind the protection of a firewall. Passive mode can be disabled through an ftp server, which may be why your friend had problems. Dreamhost supports it though, and I always connect with passive mode.

You’re experiencing this in a real ftp client, and not just using the ftp capabilities of IE, right? Is there anything consistent about the failed downloads? Such as particularly large files, or files that the webserver may be asked to serve up while you’re downloading?

Make sure your ftp client supports resuming, and enable it. The Dreamhost servers allow this, and you’ll be able to continue your download where it failed the first time.

oops by downloads i meant uploads. I upped a 600mb file and it worked fine but I tried another one today and it stopped at 180-something MB.

When using both passive and active modes, the direction of transfer is irrelevent. It’s only a specification about making the connection, not how it is used once made.

You didn’t answer the question about an ftp client vs ftp through a web browser. If you’re trying to use IE for large file transfers, it sometimes assumes the connection has been lost because it sits and spins while transferring the data. When this happens your transfer will fail, and there is no way to continue from that point.

I highly recommend getting a free ftp client that supports resuming. Your problem will disappear.

Sorry. I am using SmartFTP to upload. I just upped 5-6 medium sized files (50-75mb) no problem. I’ll assume its my computer and not the host.

Secondly, what can I use for leech protection? Some people I know with ftps have it if something can only be downloaded if the referrer is a certain website. Failing that, i’d like something to see where at least the referals are coming from?

What you’re talking about is controlled through the use of the htaccess file. Keep in mind that this only applies to files accessed through the http protocol. If your directory is visible to the web, then this will work as long as you use the correct file extension types. More info on that can be found here:“hotlinking”

There is no way to limit ftp access. If you’re giving out the ftp uname and pword, those users have the same access as you, and won’t technically have a referrer.

I have used smartFTP quite a bit, and have had a lot of issues with it dropping my connections. I thought it might be due to me using a sprint wireless card for my internet connection, but maybe it has issues in general. I don’t have broadband at home, so this hard to test, but you might consider another ftp client, like filezilla, or the fireftp extension if you use firefox.

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If you are using windows,

Try WinSCP, its free, explorer like, supports resume (I think ??), is secure and can drag and drop whole directory structures.

And it uses SSH/SFTP instead of FTP.

I was using smartFTP tonight, and it dropped over and over, installed FileZilla and it’s worked like a dang champ!

I would suggest you try similar.

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I acctually upgraded from v1.5 of SmartFTP to the current v2-something and it hasnt dropped anything yet.