Passenger deployment 403 forbidden error


I am trying to deploy a Ruby on Rails application with Passenger, git and capistrano. I have checked “Use passenger” in my domain settings as well as set the page directory. Server creates the “domain/current/public” directory in which it puts a placeholder quickstart.html. If i type the website address in a browser I can see this placeholder. Then I copy my RoR application into the ‘current’ directory, set everything up and it works.
But the problem comes when I try to do this with git and capistrano. I remove the ‘current’ directory, run cap deploy:setup to get everything set up (releases and shared folders are created) and then run cap deploy, which puts my application into releases and creates a symlink called ‘current’ for it. Then if I try to get the webpage through browser I get a 403 Forbidden error, which says I don’t have permisssion to access the page.
Now this whole proccess has worked for me before with different hosting providers. Is there anything that I should set for my app to work?

Thanks in advance for your answers