Parse HTML Files As PHP using HTACCESS

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On some small websites I built many years ago, I would like to have the .html pages parsed as .php instead of redirecting all of the existing files to their new .php file names.

I am a novice programmer but found some advice on how to “Parse HTML Files As PHP using HTACCESS”.

I am using Dreamhost for hosting some websites and used the following code which worked:

“AddHandler application/x-httpd-php5 .html .htm”

The above code is working but my question now is:

I am adding a wordpress blog to a subfolder and did not want the htaccess code to affect the blog files.

How do I exclude the blog files (exclude subfolder) from being affected? I read that the rewrite rule via htaccess works best on smaller websites with a low number of webpages so I do not want the .htaccess to even look at the blog files.

Thanks for any help!



don’t put it in a subfolder. URLs don’t need to represent directory hierarchies (although they traditionally did).


Thanks for your reply but it does not answer my question. It does give an alternative which I have thought of, but decided against. I would like to have the blog in a subfolder/subdirectory.