Parse Error - Can't Log into Wordpress

Hello Everyone,

Yesterday I was editing my company’s site as I was editing it it, the site crashed and now I can’t log back in to fix it. It says there is a “parse error.” I’ve been up all night reading forums and most have mentioned ftp and other things I really have no idea how to use.

I logged into the site for the first time yesterday, I am not the administrator of the site, and I only have the username and password to the site via wordpress. How can I recover it myself?

I really need the site to be recovered so it can at least be viewed.

Please everyone take into account that I am a beginner.

Thank you so much!

Looks like you have a corrupt theme file.

You’ll need to FTP into your site, and delete the “Coraline” theme. Your site will then default back to the TwentyFifteen theme. You’ll need to reinstall Coraline, if that’s the theme you want to use.

How do I FTP into the site?

You will need to download an FTP client, such as FileZilla. Then you will need an FTP username and password from your webhost. (These are different to the credentials you use to log into WordPress with.)