Parking page & email forwarding

i just registered a domain with dreamhost without hosting as my site wont be ready for a while. I would like to have a temp parking page with contact details for now, is this possible?

I would also like to forward any emails @mynewdomain to my existing gmail account is this possible without having a hosting package? as it is with a domain i registered elsewhere.
Thanks, Kris.

in my opinion you can use your dreamhost account for email only if you want to, be sure to link to dreamhosts mx servers if you use your own domains. rocks! (so does my site :))
link me

In my quick experience with this, the default parking page is a generic dreamhost page that just says that it’s coming without contact info. Without a hosting account, you might not be able to do that.

But, you could use a redirect to your old site (or even I think a page on that site that has contact info) or you may be able to “cloak” and refer to your old site but make it LOOK like it’s the new one.

If you want more help then that, let us know. The panel will let you do almost all of that.


Thanks for your help guys!
I have decided to get a hosting plan with dreamhost now so that should take care of those problems i had.
Cheers :slight_smile: