Parking help -

Hi all. Very much a newbie. I have scrolled through many of the forum posts but can’t seem to figure out the simple act of pointing my domain to for parking. The instructions indicate to change the nameservers to theirs (done), change the Cname record to (not sure how to do this), and set the A record to their IP. Not sure on this either. Anyone offer some help it would be greatly appreciated.

If the nameservers are set to Voodoo’s, this means that once that takes effect, DNS for that domain is completely managed at This includes CNAME and A records; They will all be managed wherever your nameservers are pointed to. :slight_smile:

Thank you thank you. So new, so new, much to learn.

No worries! We’ve all been there. That’s why we’re here to help! :slight_smile: Just let us know whenever you need us. We’ll be here to help – via email, Twitter, Facebook, callback and LiveChat support :wink:

FWIW… I can’t tell whose private label nameservers your attempting to use but they don’t appear to be configured correctly.