Parked WordPress HappyHosting One Click

I’ve got the Happy Hosting Trial account going right now. I’ve got a domain they had me purchase.

I want to try and use wordpress for my first time.

OK, maybe I should not both evaluate this hosting site and learn word press at the same time???

The first thing I am required to do is create a mysql DB. I cannot find a place to create a mysql DB on my Dream host control panel.

On the ONE CLICK pane it says I don’t have an active domain.

My domain is parked. While parked, does this mean I can’t set up a MySQL db using the one click??? Is the ONE CLICK only for paying customer?

Best of all would be if there was a step by step guide to setting up a sample wordpress page on DreamHost. Does anyone have a link??


Here is the step by step guide of setting up wordpress in DH.

I think you will need to have your domain fully hosted with DH first. check DH panel --> Domains --> Manage Domains --> DNS