Parked websites

Hi! I am new at this and need to ask a dumb question. I have a parked website in my domain, transferred there by FTP Explorer. I then put my site there with the ftp provided by dreamhost. I no longer have FTP Explorer. How do I go back and remove the parked website. (The parked website was just index.html and a css and image file.) Thanks, Elizabeth.


There aren’t really any “dumb” questions if you don’t know the answer. :wink:

You can use any ftp client, and there are many free ones available ( check the Dreamhost Wiki Article on FTP).

Also, unless you are uploading files larger than 7 MB, you can also use the Dreamhost WebFTP application (net2ftp), which you can reach either by browsing to (see instruction in the wiki article I previously referenced), or from the Manage Domains screen of the Control Panel (just click on the “ftp” link next to the appropriate domain name). Good Luck, and post back if you still have trouble.