"Parked" Page Won't Go Away!

Even though I’m fairly certain I’ve correctly uploaded my files via FTP (I use Fetch to do so), the “parked with dreamhost” page is still all I’m seeing! I have gotten the actual site to display a few times, but every time I re-upload my files once I’ve made changes to them (I’m still working on building/designing the site via dreamweaver) the “parked” page appears again for at least a day. I thought maybe it was the network I was on, but I have tried things out in a different location/network and I’m having the same problem. I even helped a friend to upload their site via dreamhost today, with the same settings etc. that I used, and it displayed almost instantly. I don’t understand why my site is being so inconsistent, and taking so long to upload! I’ve been looking all over the help Wiki and forums to no avail and I’m getting frustrated. If anyone has answers or has had a similar problem, I would greatly appreciate being pointed in the right direction :slight_smile: Thanks!

We can’t really help you if you don’t tell us your url

oops, sorry!


I’m not showing a parked with dreamhost page. Are you sure you cleared your cache?

Yes, do what Ryo-ohki suggested. This is what I saw when I went to it and it seems okay to me…


wow, total n00b moment…clearing the cache worked of course, i feel stupid now haha thanks for the help guys!