Parked domain

I have a parked domain which I want to begin using. I’m a bit confused as to how I can “unpark” it. In Control Panel > Manage Domains I see an option to “deactivate parked” but I wonder if that will not delete the domain.

I would appreciate some advice before I do anything rash.

Even if you do accidentally delete the domain from the Manage Domains screen, you can just add it back, with no harm done. So relax – nothing you do to a parked domain from Manage Domains will be destructive in any kind of permanent way! (the Registrations screen, on the other hand…)

“Deactivate parked” is the same as clicking Edit, and choosing DNS Only. So you can either click Edit, and choose Fully Hosted (or one of the other available options), or you can click Delete and then re-add it.