Parked domain

I guess i messed up a lot of things at my account. I even deactivated my parked domain. Now it says its parked again but the domain is not found. And it say DNS only. I do want a total hosting service and want to activate my parked domain…
There is not even FTP connection since this messing up.
WHat on earth shall I do to clear this mess?

Thank you so much!

Go to the panel here and click Manage Domains. If it’s listed, then click Edit and scroll down until you get to the Parked Domain section and click the button to Park This Domain.

If it’s not listed, then click Add a New (Sub)Domain and add it in the Parked section.

When making changes like this (going back and forth), it sometimes takes up to a day to clear from the DreamHost system before you can get a fresh start.

Thank you! I hope this will work it out by tomorrow!