Parked Domain and Kitten

I just parked a domain and there is a silly cat video displaying on the parked domain page. What is up with that? Sorry but it looks ridiculous.


That is a pretty silly “parking” page. The problem with such silly things is that not everyone has the same sense of humor, or sense of cuteness. Maybe dreamhost should actually have a choice of parking pages.

I’m not actually sure why people “park” a domain. I believe there was some significance historically, but today’s domain registration system doesn’t require parking to continue reserving an unused domain.

When I have a domain that’s active for which I don’t have any http:// content, I tend to just put an empty index.html file at the document root. That’s a good method to use for development also because index.html has a higher priority than index.php. Want to work on the site and take it for a test drive, then delete the index.html… when you want it to go back to a blank page just touch index.html and poof the dev site is hidden again.

It’s rubbish. People used to think they could make tons of money from the ads placed there.

This is the best way to do it.

Please notice that DreamHost also places an empty favicon.ico file there as well, to save wear and tear on the server. Always a good idea.