Paranoia! :)

I’m hosting a friend’s site, and her domain, on my DH account.

All is well at present. But if at some point things go sour and I decide to elbow her off my webspace, how do I do so?

I know I could cancel her ftp access through Users > Manage Users > Herusername > Delete, and I know I can stop hosting her domain through Domains > Manage Domains > Herdomainname > Delete, but what else would I have to do to actually get her files off my server space?

Thanks in advance.

If you delete her username this should automatically delete any files under that username.

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You have the right idea. The way I would approach that would be to first change her password to something I know, and could then use, to delete all her files from the server (you may want to archive them off to your own computer for her, or not :open_mouth: ).


Also, make sure she understands she needs to keep backups of her site/database/files… and that you are not responsible for them…that way if you do need to delete, she has those files and won’t have any thing to hold over your head.

good luck

Doh! Of course it should (I don’t know what I was thinking with my reply - sorry!).


Of course, if possible it would be better if you somehow got her to spawn off her own account and use you as her referrer! That way, rather than being revenue neutral to you, it would be revenue positive!

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I could well be wrong about this, but I believe that the DreamHost system will prevent this (as part of their attempt to control referral/reward “fraud”). Since her domain is already in “the system”, she wouldn’t be able to “move” it to another DreamHost account that used a promo code.


I agree completely, I was thinking that the OP could still be the non-promo code referrer for the friend, as I thought that you weren’t allowed to host a domain on DreamHost that had been in the system before on an account that had had promo code applied to it.

Though after thinking about it a bit maybe this doesn’t make sense…

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