Parallelizing Website Download

  1. If you “Mirror” a domain, is there any way to have a trusted ssl connection?

  2. If no pages are called from the mirrored url (only resources jpg, js, css), will the mirrored domain be “cookieless”?

Or, a different approach…

  1. If a subdomain uses the same root folder as another domain, can it have trusted ssl and be cookieless?

Has anyone been able to create a pseudo-cdn and parallelize downloads using any other method?

Thanks for any thoughts on this!

No. Mirrored domains share all the settings of the domain they mirror, including the SSL certificate. You’ll need to set up a separate fully hosted domain to get SSL working.

Maybe. It’ll only be cookieless if nothing sets any cookies are valid for that domain… but I’ll explain that a bit more in the next part.

Not reliably. Unless you are extremely careful about how you set all cookies on your main domain – including ones set by Javascript running on your domain – it is possible for cookies on that domain to also end up being sent to a subdomain. You will typically need a completely separate domain name if you want to run entirely cookieless.

For what it’s worth, the performance benefits of a cookieless subdomain are pretty minimal unless your site sets a lot of cookies with very large values. And if you’re going to go the cookieless route, you should probably consider moving the static content to a CDN as well; the DreamSpeed CDN (part of DreamObjects) is worth looking into.

SSL is fine for those domains, though. No problem there. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the fast reply, Andrew!

I pointed a sub to the main folder and added a cert. It appears to be working. I need to benchmark the difference.

For this to work, I’ll need to add something to my htaccess to prevent outside access to the sub url.

Parallelizing seems worth a try as every bit of speed helps. Honestly, I would get better results by minimizing my js & css, reducing the number of requests, and deferring all the js. :stuck_out_tongue: