[panel] What's up with suggestions?

latest completed suggestion: 2007-03-01
latest submitted suggestion: 2007-08-12


So what?
Most suggestions submitted never really make it further than the suggestion page, due to whatever reason. Just because they haven’t completed a suggestion though doesn’t mean they aren’t considering them.

Chips N Cheese - Custom PHP installs and the like!

I just submitted a “Clean up the suggestions” suggestion.

Basically suggesting that they remove (and don’t add any) suggestions that don’t have a chance. One that really stands out is the suggestion to add a data center in Australia… don’t see that happening.

Then you have the simple ones like PostgreSQL, AWStats, etc… that have been in there forever and don’t seem to be happening.

That being said, I do believe they stay on top of reading them, even when it seems like they’re not being completed. I sent in a suggestion before and they just did it shortly after, without putting it up for a vote.

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Cool. Since you seem to hold some sway, can you suggest they add Encrypted AFP? See if they can get it done this week. Ever since I upgraded to Leopard, I’ve lost AFP access since 10.5 no longer supports unencrypted AFP.

Nevermind, found out a way to turn on cleartext passwords on Leopard.

I get the feeling that votes really don’t have that much influence. Some stuff gets done with very few votes. Some long-standing suggestions probably have many votes. I think it’s just something they peruse from time to time to get a feel for what people want, and not really as a suggestion box that pushes them to do something.


Well, they have said before that it is not the votes alone that gets something implemented. Some things, though very popular, entail a lot more work and are much more difficult to implement with their existing systems than others which makes them less likely to be implemented irrespective of the “demand”. :wink:

I agree to an extent - though I think they do look for suggestions that are relatively easy to implement and seem to be desired. I suspect that is more likely an explanation as to why Seiler had a suggestion implemented “right away” than any “sway” he may have at DreamHost (though you never know about that! :wink: he he).


And I for one like the new features they have implemented that weren’t suggestions. DreamHost PS, Proxy Server for PS, etc.

I suspect the real thing people would like them to do aren’t even covered there - decrease DDOS impact, decrease impact of bad neighbors on shared hosting, php compiled script caching, etc.

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