Panel : Update multiple domains at once

Whenever I get into the panel to do an update for multiple sites, I remember how time consuming it is to do the same individual updates for all of the domains and subdomains. I’m hoping that DH will implement API endpoints for many settings available in the panel.

Specifically as an example: I recently changed all of my domains to use PHP7.1CGI from the prior PHP7.0FastCGI. That now seems to have been a mistake because many WordPress plugins aren’t prepared for PHP 7.1. So now I want to roll them all back to PHP7.0CGI (not Fast).

Is there an easier way to do this than to go into every domain and subdomain and change them all manually?


Unfortunately that’s the only way that I’m aware of :frowning: I’ve asked around the company to see if there are some hidden features: if they get back to me I’ll update this post.

There is an API for that:

Well maybe there is… the API commands in the “help” database seem to be missing the versions of commands that update. The existing command likely still exists, but all that’s documented these days is the “list” or read commands. The “update” or write versions aren’t showing in the current docs.

Yeah, I checked the API docs before posting this. I really wish DH would do more with the API. I understand they don’t want people to resell/sublet services, but we need to find balance between tools for legitimate use versus an absence of tools due to possible abuse.

Not to get political, but this is like arguments about gun control, and then what to do when people get stabbed or run over by cars. The answer is to deal with abuse, not to dumb down all the tools.

I just tried the Wayback Machine for the old to see if I could find old docs. I’m reasonably certain you could update domains, but not add them. If that’s the case I’d almost bet money the command is still there, but now undocumented.