Panel - unable to log support request or load Live Chat - last 4 days


I don’t know where else to ask, but over the last 4 days it seems that I cannot log a support request via the Dreamhost Panel, or load Live Chat. I’ve tried both Safari and Chrome on MacOS, and Safari on iPad, so doesn’t appear to be browser specific.

If I enter a support request via the panel, when I submit it seems to accept the request but the request doesn’t show in my support history. I’ve logged 3 separate requests since Saturday and had no response on any of them.

Also, if I choose Live Chat from the support menu it just redirects me to the support request page, the live Chat doesn’t open like it used to. So it appears I have no way of contacting support!

Anyone else experiencing this, or know of another route to support?

[Update] Ironically after submitting this message I tried again to submit a support request and it went through, and appeared in my support history as open. However, I still can’t load Live Chat.


Hi dmeehan19684h

If you can supply us with the support ticket# we can get it escalated over to our support team. If you are not able to access Live Chat please make sure all pop-up blockers are disabled or you can test to see if your IP is getting blocked by using a proxy site like

Matt C


Support ticket #8350943, but this is the one that now shows in my support history, and #8350945 which is my actual support request regarding email.

3 previous support requests submitted are not showing in the history, I think I made them Saturday or Sunday.

Live Chat is still not working, and my popup blocker is set to whitelist dreamhost, and even if I disable it, it still doesn’t work (including after a page reload). As I said above, multiple devices and browsers, other that don’t have blockers installed, so nothing to do with that. Examining the HTML on the Live Chat menu item, its just a href, no apparent JS attached to provide a different action.


Thank you for those ticket #s I was able to get them over to the correct queue and our support team will look into the them shortly. They will update you as soon as they have investigated the issues accordingly,

Matt C


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