Panel Security

Hi Dreamhost Team,

I am a new user, and I find that in Panel security it’s possible to add a phone number to connect to Dreamhost Panel. Fine for me, I was lookinf for that, but in “Multifactor Authenticaton Type”, we have to choose “Google Authentificator”, but I have a old simple phone, and I can’t install this. In order to protect my websites I find it very important, because I have 12 websites in your Panel.

I am sure, I ma not the one, on this case, and it shoud be better to use someting to connect which send to use a code number to our phone, like with gmail. Do you think you can do that?!

Thanks to the Team!

google “google authenticator windows” and you can download some code to generate the codes. Just be sure your computers clock is correct, because the code is based on current time of day among other things.

yes, but where I download some code? To my phone or online? Because as I told you my phone is old and not connect to Internet.

not to your phone, I understood your phone was old. It works on your computer, that’s why I suggested you make sure your computers time was accurate.