Panel problems - nulk email update loosing ALL!

Hi everyone!

I’ve been having “issues” with the control panel for a few hours; namely, I try to update something, and it doesn’t respond… although its not like the page times out, it just returns a blank page.

Anyways, I’ve just tried updating some email addresses (they all forward - no actual mail accounts) and it did the same blank page thing. I go back into control panel, and all the email settings for that domain have been wiped out!

Not a huge issue for me… but it’s not terribly impressive. Anyone else noticed similar?



Well, straight after I posted here, I sent a message to support and got the reply:

Thank you for the report! We were experiencing some problems with our
control panel earlier. However, everything appears to have been resolved.

I’ve not really used control panel since though, but I’ll take them at their word! :wink:


I got the blank page response when trying to add a new email address within the last hour. I input the new address info and submit the form. A blank page loads and the add address fails. This only happens in FireFox, though. If I repeat the process in IE, no problems.