Panel options Greyed out!

Hi All,
All of the site options in my contol panel are greyed out, like Billing, Domains, Users etc… Only Home and Support are working so i cant make any changes.

Is this to do with the power outages at the moment? As i cant see any specific announcement relating to these options not being available at the moment or when they are due to be replaced.

Any ideas? Or have i just missed something?

Same here, what is going on?!??!

Just saw this, but it looks like it is dated Aug 10th?!?!? ok I am confused.

[quote]Centralized DreamHost Services Are Down for Maintenance Wednesday, August 10th 2005 From 10:30pm until 11:59pm PDT (GMT -7)
(Total downtime within that window is likely 75 minutes)
This affects the following services:
Web Panel
Domain Registrations [/quote]

I found my problem, but - eh - well lets just say i logged in using the wrong account name with no domains associated with it and thats what caused it.