Panel login problems

Okay seems i have the correct password and login to log into my account, but when i login it just takes me to the login page. When i incorrectly login, it comes up with a login error.

I also cant get into the panel to contact support, which seems catch 22.

Yes i got javascript and cookies enabled.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

You should try clearing your cache and your cookies for DH. This often resolves a temporary problem logging in.


Yup i had already cleared cookies and cache, thinking it would fix it… still hasnt… mainly because:

If you type in a user name that doesn’t exist in the database, and any password it wont come up with any login error. Which is why i thought it was correct.

So me being such a dumb ass I’ve been typing in an account that doesn’t exist. Sorta poor validation, but could be an security precaution at users expense.

Which begs the question, if my password isn’t working with my email, then what is my NDN ID? And if my NDN ID is the one that dreamhost has sent me, why isn’t that working with the password?

Still no luck, this isn’t fun :frowning:

I’m sorry, but I have no idea what to tell you … both my NDN WebID and my email address work with my account password, so I don’t know how to respond.

You might try contacting DH via the form, and ask for assistance that way since you can’t log into the panel.


The panel works for me too.

You may want to try another option: use a different internet explorer.

If the problem still occurs, I’ll suggest you to contact DH support via the contact form.

Good luck!

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Thanks guys, yeah had already tried 3 different browsers and 3 different computers before posting, i didn’t want it to be something totally stupid i had overlooked.

I thought it was quite weird, it is most likely user error on my behalf. However it seems so obvious that my email and the password which got emailed to me should of worked… computers are never obvious.

Ive contact DH support via Contact form, cheers.