Panel login broken and support hasn't responded to request for reset

Anyone else plagued by this problem as well? I’ve reset my password three times, used one of my two factor recovery codes, and “successfully” reset the password, yet the panel refuses to allow me to log back in with my newly reset passwords. Used the only means to contact support (a web form) and got no response for 18+ hours. Just sent another request. Anyone else have the same problem? I know I’ve got the password right, as I use a password manager to store it.

I’ve reset passwords multiple times for an account that was unrelated to the one I was trying to login to. Allow me to serve as a warning to others, and recommend just double-checking. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestion – fortunately my password manager helps me avoid that pitfall, as it stores all the login credentials for each account. I used the same login email address for the reset as for the login.

A hint for anyone else out there: After resetting about 6 times, I finally reset the password to a very short, simple (not secure) password and was successful. Apparently the panel was recently changed and longer, more secure, randomized passwords DO NOT WORK. Hopefully they will fix this flaw before accounts are compromised.

@jewelengineering this sounds like a bug but after looking into the internal bug tracker I can’t find any reference to long, complicated passwords not working.

They should. Maybe some characters fail input sanitation? Which random password didn’t work? Please share more details so I can try to replicate and file a proper bug report.

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