Panel Issues

I know this is not the place to be reporting this. However I can not go through the panel to report the issue I am having with the dream host panel. I am getting a straight text form of the panel. Is this a known issue or is it a new issue. Right before this happened I was doing some work with my databases and was getting ready to check a few other things when I was done. I did receive a certificate error but I figured it was from one of my plugins for firefox and google as it has been rather steady for them lately. Most the time now I don’t even read or view the cert because of how google has been changing their cert almost every single week now.

Or is there some other issue at hand with the panel. I did try to report it. How ever in the text version every time I press the next button to go through the reporting process. It loops me back to the original text version of the support menu. I tried to report it 4 times. Thanks in advance I also checked my feed to see if this issue has been reported or been worked on. It shows nothing for today. Please let me know whats going on and what I can do to fix this issue. I am heading over to google crome now to check and see if it is a firefox issue. Thanks again in advance.