Panel is slow

I have been a dreamhost customer for about a month. I have noticed that sometimes the pannel is slower than others, but the pannel is NEVER what i would call fast.

Sometimes i can take minutes just to go from one page to another. Creating setup for 50 sites and/or emails takes hours/ days when it is so slow.


  1. Can load balancing the panel on more servers speed it up?

  2. Could the panel programers add some kind of job queue. For example when you click “fully host domain now”, or create new user, or create email box it takes a really long time. Is this because of scripts running to actually create the account in real time? If the process was added to some kind of job queue it would speed the pannel pages up.

  3. What is the bottleneck? Is dreamhost working on clearing/fixing the bottleneck?

  4. Anything else you guys can do to make it faster?



  1. I believe the ControlPanel is already balanced across several servers at the moment but perhaps with the increase in popularity of the service more will soon be needed.

  2. From what has been said previously I suppose this is how the system already works with jobs being dealt with in clusters rather than every time a job is requested. Otherwise the servers would be up and down like an up and down thingy. It might need some more realistic timings shown though rather than ‘it will be ready in an hour’ (My garage always say that when I take the time machine in for repair!). They could even use dynamic timings with a countdown to activation. That would be fun. :slight_smile:

  3. I think the bottleneck is the little old lady at the back of the DreamHost office who insists on writing everything down with a quill pen. There is talk of DreamHost working feverishly to solve the current wim-wams.

  4. We could all pedal faster I suppose.

  5. Seriously Karl, we are just all customers here and can never leave! We just have to hope that the good people of DreamHost will take us all onwards and ever forwards, with their progressive programming and passionate planning, into a New World Order, and a New Golden Age of WebHosting …

Or, we just have to wait and see what happens next! There will be ups and down no doubt. I put the above paragraph (5) in just to annoy the naysayers. It really does get them chomping at the bit. :slight_smile:

Hey Ho.


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