Panel is down

I cannot access my panel for either site. When I try and load it will not load.

I was able to access it for a few hours earlier, but it was down bfeore that as well.

Also, please consider upgrading to better forum software. This is the most awful user unfriendly BBS I’ve seen. Thanks for the great service.

same here. hopefully it will be back online.
Lausanne, Switzerland

Mine came back up. Hopefully for longer this time. :slight_smile:

I must admit this has got to be the WORST hosting service I’ve ever used… I’ve lost 3 clients due to slow speeds… Database link errors and sheer crap uptime.

Now I can’t even access the Panel… I just get a blank screen in FF and IE.

IF things don’t change soon, judging by the amount of people moaning here and on other forums DH is getting a pretty bad name for itself.

If the admins cared at all they would apologise for their crap service and promise to do some major upgrades or atleast sort out the bandwidth issues.

Not impressed, Not renewing, Not recommending.

I think perhaps you might want to put this in perspective. DreamHost currently hosts over 300,000 domains. The number of complaints is actually remarkably low. That is because DreamHost’s track record is excellent, and the DH team make a special effort to keep their customers informed about any problems. The recent difficulties should be considered as exceptional.

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Well then it must be ‘Atlantic’ the server I’m on because over the last year I’ve seen hot crap run quicker over a wet shovel.