Panel is balky

The panel has always been too slow but this week the panel has been slower than foo au molasses. Tonight, I cannot even login. WTF? Oh, I see.

So… why is Firefox balky/unresponsive with the panel? No, wait, IE6 is just as slow, too, but unlike Firefox at least I was able to login to the panel with IE6.

I haven’t noticed any problems this week except for today. It’s pretty slow but nothing is timing out.

Yeah just watch it when the panel is S-L-O-W I got burnt by with a domain getting “stuck” in the activation stage.

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Ya, I noticed that the Panel was extermly slow yesterday. It took me 20 min to set-up 2 new e-mail addys and edit another. Added onto the fact was that over 3 hours later I was still unable to log into the accounts from webmail.

No worries though, it’s all up and running now, and the panel is going nice and speedy for me today too.

I’d give my right arm to be ambidexterous!

It was laggy like hell yesterday for me too. Still a bit slow today.