Panel improvements: Login history, password changing, proper labels

Suggested improvements to the control panel:

(1) In Billing & Account > Security, show a list of prior logins, not just current ones. If someone gets phished, it will help the customer to know whether someone actually got into the panel account before the password was changed.

(2) In Billing & Account, change the label “Privacy Settings” to “Contact Information” or “Addresses”, since that’s the content actually available on that page, not privacy settings. Someone looking to see or change his/her ADDRESS is going to be looking for CONTACT or ADDRESSES, not “Privacy.”.

(3) In Billing & Account, change “Security” to “Security & Password”, to make the password-changing place easy to find.

(4) In the user menu on the top-right of the window, include a redundant link to the “Security [& Password]” page. I wasted a lot of time looking through the top-right user menu for how to change my password, only to discover that, inexplicably, it’s not there.

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