Panel gets confused when I open multiple tabs, one on each domain



Just recently I found myself needing to edit multiple domains at once (to upgrade PHP and enable pagespeed, as it happens).

I went to the panel, and opened the domain.manage UI for each domain, opening each domain in a new tab behind the current one.

Then I went through the new tabs one at a time, applying my settings and closing each tab in turn.

To my surprise, I discovered that each time I saved changes in a tab, they would be applied only to the domain associated with the tab that I opened most recently!

This is particularly bad because it led to changes in the directory containing my files for many of my domains, with the result that they received inadvertent “brain transplants” – some of the domains were serving content from others.

Could this be caused by use of session state to record which domain is being edited? The symptoms are suspiciously similar to those reported in the paper, where the problems were ultimately caused by unwise use of session state. I notice use of a hidden field in the panel source code that seems like it should identify the domain being edited, but perhaps it is not being used consistently.


Correct, for some reason dreamhost uses SESSION state instead of URL state even through URL state works 1/2 the time. SESSION state is always a bad idea to use because you never know if the person is coming from the correct page.

Imagine that you have 2 tabs open to the panel and 1 is deleting a domain and the other is renewing a domain. You open the delete one first then open the renew, you go back to delete and finish that page and then go to renew and finish that form. Only to discover it did the opposite.

This is one of the major bugs with Dreamhost that has been around since I started using it 10 years ago.