Panel / E-mail down?


Panel / E-mail is down, can’t even get them to pull up to post a trouble ticket. The status site has no word of any trouble whatsoever. I hope this isn’t another 3-day problem again… This is getting ridiculous…


Dunno if you’re up again, but my panel is fine. If you’re having trouble getting into the panel, you can submit a request at the following page:

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I’ve done that… waiting on a reply.

I can ping the panel, but it won’t pull up. Hmmm.

Will try it from my home PC’s remote desktop.


Maybe a DNS flush?

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The system is accepting my email/username+password, but won’t load at all… I’ve waited hours, it hasn’t worked for 2 weeks.

Needless to say, this is a serious problem because if the Web Panel won’t load on my machine, I cannot service my websites. I was hoping this was a temporary glitch, but now I’m wondering if Dreamhost “upgraded” something that is incompatible or takes too much time to load with my computer system.

I am running Windows 98 SE with Internet Explorer 5.5 on a 56Kbps dialup modem.

POP3/SMTP and FTP functions are still working just fine. I can also get to the websites themselves, view all their stats, and check all my spam at

I’ve tried cleaning out my Cookies and Temporary Internet Files, but that had no effect.

I finally emailed Support, but my email was rejected because I didn’t have a support #, which requires Panel access! :frowning: So I emailed Sales to see if I could get the issue resolved, and they replied right away… I’m hoping someone will be able to help.


It sounds like you have tried all the “obvious” (and suggested) fixes and they haven’t worked, so you might have to be a little creative.

I have several clients still using Win 98 (SE), and that, in and of itself, should not be part of the problem but IE5.5 may be another matter. I suggest you take the time to download and install FireFox 2 ( is the latest). It runs fine on a Windows 98 SE machine with adequate memory, and it may make it possible to get into the panel.

At the very least you should upgrade your IE to the latest "updates’ of IE version 6 (serious and very real security exposures exsist with all version of IE, and anything below version 6 really should bot be run anymore!).

The fact that you are running IE 5.5 also indicates to me that your WIN 98 SE probabaly has not been regularly updated/patched to the latest available version - and this is also important for security reasons.

Two other thoughts come to mind that might be helpful:

  1. I understand that you really need to be able to use the Control Panel, but as a “temporary” fix/workaround, you should consider using an ssh, sftp, or an ftp client to “administer your sites” (add, edit, delete content and files, etc.). Note also that you can view your stats without going to the panel at all (http://yourdomain.tld/stats) and should be able to also access your webmail without using the panel (

  2. Given the DNS problems that DH has experienced of late, and the fact that you use Win 98 SE, you should flush your DNS in addition to clearing your cache(s) (Temporary Internet Files) and your cookies. This might help enable you to use the Control Panel.



I totally agree with you!!! I even told dreamhost this in a feed back that I cannot logon to the panal, guess what they told me in reply,“open a new ticket, I’ll be happy to help you!” guys, this people cannot read English? I clearly told them I cannot logon to the panel, and he, the manager, told me to open a ticket on this issue? GIVE ME A BREAK! If I can open a ticket, I would not be having a problem!!
Also I have TWO email problems, mails are bounced back from 2 email accounts on multiple occassions, first one, dreamhost blamed it on forwarding to hotmail,it is rather odd already that everyday I receive tons of junk mail forwarded to my hotmail accept this particlar invoice from my client, ok, I will still take it as a hotmail problem!! but another problem has NOTHING to do with hotmail, message replied to me stated clearly:

This is the Postfix program at host

I’m sorry to have to inform you that your message could not be
be delivered to one or more recipients. It’s attached below.

For further assistance, please send mail to

If you do so, please include this problem report. You can
delete your own text from the attached returned message.

The Postfix program host[] said: 550 Recipient address rejected: User unknown in
virtual alias table (in reply to RCPT TO command)

This is in reply to a mail my client sent me, and when I hit the reply button, sent, this message came out, where does it say anything about hot mail? , in fact it says
Recipient address rejected: User unknown in
virtual alias table (in reply to RCPT TO command)
but no matter how many times I told dreamhost, they insisted that it is a hotmail issue!!! I cannot understand these people, there are clearly 2 inssues involved, ont they can blame on hotmail, another HAS NOTHING to do with hotmail, and they refused to look at it and CONTINOUS to blame me for using hotmail and said I cannot understand it has nothing to do with dreamhost no matter how many times i told them it is a separate issue…I am starting to wonder if these people can read English?


By the way, I am using IE 6


Forgot to add I am using window XP and IE 6


Then I don’t suspect that either the WIN 98 SE or the IE 5.5 problem is in any way related to your issue (I was responding to a different poster) :wink:



Thank you, sir!! I also received this suggestion from Christian over at Sales and the panel works fine now, in fact, it loads faster than ever.

I will upgrade to IE6 to avoid future problems in case FireFox doesn’t work with a particular site.

My Win98SE has all the available updates installed, and which I’ve backed up since they came out.

The problem with MS products is that sometimes updates and fixes crash the system, so I’m always nervous about trying their latest stuff. Not to mention their old stuff works just fine, I don’t see a need to upgrade! And I’m still on a Pentium II 250MHz, so I can’t run XP or higher.


You’re welcome, and I’m glad you got back into the panel! :slight_smile:



This is a freakin’ foo. I cannot acces my panel either. I can get FTP access the traditional way (but need to make a domain request). I don’t get an error on login - just a server timeout and so it’s been for the last 18 hours. I cannot post a troble ticket as I cannot get into the panel.

I’m on XP and I use the latest version of firefox.

  • I’ve tried clearing the browser cache
  • I’ve tried using IE 7
  • I’ve flushed the DNS on my computer

I’ve also tried contacting DH via the mailform page twice (Genereal inquiry and Abuse), but I do not get a confirmation, so I really doubt it gets to where it’s supposed to go.


What kind of connection do you have? Many ADSL modems/routers also can cache DNS.

Have you tried clearing everything you mentioned before and then powering everything down, and back on again?



I had a little trouble getting into my panel earlier today, but everything seems to be fine now. Hmm.

Access to my sites was fine at the time, btw.

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