is this subdomain connected via a 56K modem or something?
maybe someone pushed a rack back and squished the wires so the 1’s and 0’s don’t get through?

It’s not a problem with the connection. These machines are all pretty well connected. :>

Actually, it seems relatively fast to me right now - but in general, if you’re seeing slowness here, it’s due to slowness on the web or database servers. We are always working to make improvements here.

We are also about to revamp the load balancing scheme we use for the panel, which should help a little.

I’ve always found the control panel (& knowledge base, to a lesser degree) to be pretty slow, sometimes painfully so, compared to the rest of the dreamhost site (or compared to the internet at large, for that matter) over my 56k dialup connection. At dialup speeds I don’t expect lightning fast connections, but in my experience the panel is pretty slow…

Yes, but a lot of the images used in the panel should presumably be cached client-side - the entire page and all associated images isn’t going to be loaded each time.

Note that panel and webmail are already load balanced - we’re just switching to a better load balancing scheme.

[quote]Two words - broadband. :slight_smile:


True. When I was still on dial-up (3 years ago), the panel was a pain to load: REALLY slow. But with the broadband, problem gone. :slight_smile: - Register your own domain with DreamHost for just $14.95 now

well, I’m on broadband and the panel subdomain really does seem to take awhile to connect to on some occassions. And then 10 minutes later, its fine.

I am glad that it is being looked at, I noticed around the 8-10PM AEST access to the Control Panel is problematic, timeouts and fails to connect via a 1.5MB ADSL link.

Unfortunately that also tends to the be same time I do most of my domain(s) administration…

I turn of cache for web dev purposes :o)

It just took approx 5 minutes for the web panel to load.

[quote]Two words - broadband. :slight_smile:


When I can afford it, I’ll be switching in a heartbeat. Just not an option for me right now, though :slight_smile:

Sometimes it bogs down, but for the most part it seems pretty snappy for me… though I do have broadband.

I appreciate Will’s honest communications about where the problems lie, and what is being done to improve things.

Things may not always be perfect, but getting the “straight story” from folks like Will has value in and of itself. I’ve dealt with several Web Hosts that keep you in the dark, and rarely respond with meaningful information when questions are asked.

The bottom line here is VALUE. For what the services cost, I think the DH team is doing a fantastic job of supporting their customers, listening, and trying to improve the things they have control over.

That said… there’s always room for improvement :wink:

Thanks Will!