is down


Everytime I try to connect to the connection is reset. There’s nothing on the status blog to explain this as far as I can tell. I can’t report this issue because the form to submit technical issues is hosted on, and when I try emailing directly the automatic system rejects my email because I didn’t use the form … which I’m pointing out is not working.


to email support you must use an email address that is connected to your account and recognized.

you can also use this form:


[quote=“LakeRat, post:2, topic:57282”]you can also use this form:

Technical support isn’t an option on that form, I’ve sent it in as “I have a question”.


Appears to have come back online. =]


Panel is down Again!


this thread is 12.5 months old. In a case like this the first step is to check and see if it’s a known issue. If it’s not then look to see if there is a current thread and post to that if you want to, if there is no current thread then start your own new one. Whatever happaned 12.5 months ago is not the issue now…


In this case, see:

In the future, see: for status information.