"Panel" downtime


I just really wish at some point I could use the panel to make some changes. Every time I try it, “The connection to panel.dreamhost.com was interrupted”.



Does this happen often?

Pretty frustrating if you have clients that are waiting on you to make a change to their web site or to do some work for them.

I tried DreamHost because of a one year free trial, but now I’m starting to wonder if it was worth leaving GoDaddy.

Not only is Dreamhost’s “unique, custom” control panel not working, my database-driven (Joomla powered) web sites are moving slower than molasses.

Anyboey have a clue as to what’s going on?


GoDaddy is not worth it under any circumstance. DreamHost has had some network-related issues lately, but overall they are far better than GoDaddy.


I am getting the same error as far as the panel being down. My sites on my server are also down, is this NORMAL


I think it’s isolated. All of my sites are up, but WP and Joomla seem to be a bit slower than Concrete5 and a custom app I have.

The panel is not down often. Maybe a few times per year? This is the only time I’ve wanted to do something and haven’t been able to. SSH works fine though. I don’t remember my API key, so I can’t bypass the panel.

Someone at one time made a nifty java-based widget that lets you do most things you can do in the panel, but from your desktop. I wonder if it would work when the panel’s down or if the API is shut down as well.


Well, I for one won’t use GoDaddy because of their offensive advertising, and I won’t do business with anyone that hosts with them. So there’s that.