Panel down?

I am trying to access
but get this message:
503 Service Unavailable
No server is available to handle this request.

What’s going on??

Seems to be, I’ve been seeing the same 503 for an hour or so now.

Same here. Has anybody heard anything as to what’s going on?

We apologize for the inconvenience. Currently the panel should be accessible.

Fore more information about this issue please see our post here:

Still down for me…

Man, I JUST paid you guys literally TODAY, geeze… I’ll keep an eye on the status site I guess. Thanks for responding.

I’m sure 100s paid… but my own sites did not go down.

It’s also been down for me since yesterday. “Connection has timed out”. Looks like there have been problems for a few days now. My sites and email are working fine.

I have been having problem accessing the panel on and off for the past several days? Is it a server load issue? Bug? Trying to get things done but feeling helpless here. Can someone provide a little more detail regarding the problem? The description on the dream host status site is very minimal. Thanks!

It’s actually been back up for me for a few days now. I don’t know why it was down or why it came back. Kind of hard to get customer service when you can’t access the panel, I feel your pain.

“Kind of hard to get customer service when you can’t access the panel, I feel your pain.”

If you are not able to access the panel, you can always reach our support team via the contact form here: be sure to select an option that describes your issues or select “other” and include an email you have access to.

Matt C