Panel Down?

When I log into Panel it starts to open the panel then gives me a “Connection Reset” error. Is anyone else having this issue?

mee too at

Me too. It seems to come back, then goes down again.

My Panel has been down for well over an hour and my ability to FTP is down, too.

Most frustrating thing is if you try to email support you get an auto-response telling you to use the panel to ask for help!! I can’t use the panel for anything… what do we do when we want to tell support the panel is down??? I ended up sending an email with an old ticket reference number in the subject field and it went through. But still no response an hour later.

I’m a new customer and this is a big disappointment to me.

Just noticed that they are aware of the problem and it is on the status blog:

Please go to suggestions in your panel and screen/vote for my suggestion (or one of the other 2 similar suggestions) for DreamHost to allow us a way to contact support when the panel is down!!

Yes I get a connection reset when I try to connect to the panel. This is a serious issue as I have two domains half setup and I cannot finish. Can someone help me here?

I’ve always just used the external contact form when my panel is down:

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Did no one realize that’s message about the panel being down was 12/5-12/6, absolutely nothing on 12/7-12/8.

Now that doesn’t mean they didn’t fix it up last night.

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