Panel Down

Anyone else unable to log into the panel? I haven’t been able to get in for over 90 minutes, and there’s no mention on dreamhoststatus… When I try to log in with my login and password which I know is correct, it just returns me to the login screen.

Would be nice if Dreamhost would acknowledge the problem…

The panel was down for a while, but it seemed to be fixed about an hour ago. It is working fine for me now.

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Seems to be working for me. I was already loged in, panel loaded fine. Loged out and did have a bit of trouble loging in, had to use my E-mail address instead of webid like I normally do, but then I loged out again and my usual worked just fine.

So regardless, things should be working for you now. If not, clear cookies and cache and try again.

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Okay now it is down again.

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I haven’t had a problem with the panel, I just logged in.

Just to mention though, I am using mac osx and FF

I see quite a few people on the status page complaining of this also…I have logged off and on a few times, whilst typing this and it’s working.

We are all on the same server for the panel…correct?

I think there are a bunch of servers for the panel, in some kind of load-balancing arrangement.

The panel is working fine for me at the moment, in-fact it seems to be much faster than usual.


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It was down for a while… Now it seems to be fine now.

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Still isn’t working for me, I know I have the right password as it is saved in Firefox, and I have logged in with it before. It is also the same password that was set when I got my DH starting email that states the password/username to get into the panel for the first time… I can get into every thing else however :\

Clear your Dreamhost cookies in FF, and try again by refreshing the page. :wink:


Thanks a million, despite the fact that it says that in big letters on every failed login I never thought of actually doing it…

No problem…we’ve all done that (can’t see something for staring at it!). Hopefully, you can now get into the panel.


Maybe the panel was down because they were making it better.

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Yeah, I just did the same thing. “That can’t apply to me!” “Hmm, I guess it does…” “Well, I guess you did have to clear your cookies!” :slight_smile:

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Well, I even tried logging in with IE (which I never use) so I knew I didn’t have any DH cookies and it still won’t let me in…

There’s definitely still something F*cked up…

Not seeing any problems here at the moment, been logged in and working in the panel for a while now.

Have you tried pinging to see if you can reach it at all, it could be a network issue between you and Dreamhost.

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It’s decidedly a on and off issue on DH’s end, not network issues. :slight_smile: hopefully they’ll get things sorted out quickly.

–Matttail - personal website

Didn’t see the issue here…Either way, glad it’s fixed.

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