Panel Down?



I’ve been trying to access the panel for the past hour or so. Anyone else having the same trouble?


Panel down on QUID!


I also can’t access the panel. Each page I try to open simple downloads an empty file called index.cgi. :frowning:


Same here, not been able to access my control panel for over 12 hours now :frowning:


When you say you cannot access the ControlPanel are you getting a blank browser screen or some actual text on your screen?

If you are getting a blank browser screen you may want to try:-

deleting the cookie,
emptying your cache,
closing and restarting your browser.

If you still get a blank screen try a forced screen reload with control-F5.


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The panel is down for me, too. Just a blank screen.

I’ll try the deleting cookies thing, but with several people complaining about this this morning, wouldn’t that indicate a DH system-level problem, not a problem at the individual user level?

I don’t mess with my cookies very often. Can someone give me a quick reminder as to where in the Windows directory structure I can find them?


Thanks for the help.

I tried Shift-Ctrl-Del, which brought up a dialogue window offering me the choice of clearing cookies. I didn’t know if this would automatically clear all cookies for all sites that I visit, and didn’t want to take the chance (I like for my username, password, etc., to be remembered by the different sites).

So … instead I went to my Firefox Tools menu, clicked “Options,” clicked the “Cookies” tab, clicked “View cookies,” found the one for Dreamhost, removed just it, and then refreshed my browser window. Voila! The Dreamhost panel log-in screen.

I haven’t logged in yet, but assume it will work OK now … now that I’m getting an actual screen.


Well, I spoke too soon.

After entering my log-in info and clicking to submit, I got taken to … a blank screen.


You may want to try the process again. Which version of Firefox are you running.
Also try deleting all of the DreamHost cookies in the list and check all the way through the cookie list.
Make sure you close the browser after deleting the cookies.
If you are able to you might want to do a PC reboot as well.
I have been in the same position as yourselves and it is just a case of persisting with it.
You might help things along by ensuring that cookies are set to only last for a browser session via the cookie options.

I sometimes still get a blank screen but can now just press the refresh button to bring up the panel. Although it does not seem to happen so often now in


Opinions are my own views and are not the views of DreamHost.
Any advice offered by me should be acted upon only at your own risk.


I can’t access the panel. It has been down for me since I tried it yesterday afternoon.

EDIT: It seems to work now that I cleared cookies. Odd.


I was getting a blank page, so I cleared cookies as suggested. This got me a login page, but then I ended up at another blank page once logged in, so I’m still getting nowhere.


Interesting enough, I’m having the same problem on my Linux system. I can browse the site fine on my Windows box, but not my Linux box.

It did only start happening shortly after all the DoS stuff. Thought it was releated.

yerba# rm -rf /etc


downloads an empty file called index.cgi.

same problem on my Linux system

Same here, but part time. Had problem. Tried again. Worked.


Working now. Something tells me they stealth fixed the problem. :wink:

yerba# rm -rf /etc


Can’t access my panel for 12 hrs.
Can’t check mail by Outlook express or webmail(mysql error)
for for at least 2 days but I believe 3.DNS problems on one of my domains for at least 2 days but I believe 3.Support not saying anything.

Can’t do much of anything really other than access the forum.

Update: Can now access panel after deleting cookies.awaiting resolution on other problems still.


Last night I couldn’t get it working (completely blank page ,even in view source), then later I could, and now I can’t again.

I have not touched my cookies at all leading me to believe it’s a DH problem and not on my end. Mind you even if it was a cookie problem I’d still consider it a DH problem as cookies should just work… that’s why they’re used.

I know DH is having problems atm but I am now 72 hours waiting on a support ticket (waste of my whole weekend) and being new to DH it’s leaving a real bad first impression.

EDIT- And now it works… havn’t even closed the browser tab /sigh


I had this problem on my linux (ubuntu) box a couple of weeks ago. Strange issues, with blank pages, prompting for download… just as outlined as above. Clearning cookies, cache, and history then reloading the panel fixed my problems.

Seeing as so many people have semi-frequent problems with this, it seems probable that the problem is on Dream Host’s end. However it’s possible that it’s a bug in the way firefox handles cookies. Still, it might be preudint to contact support, referencing this thread.

–Matttail - personal website


There is no doubt this is a DH problem.Never had this problem before and several have reported the same.Not just log-in that fails there is email problems and DNS problems over the course of the same weekend.Webmail shows a mySQL error.Not using firefox.I have contacted support a couple of days ago but no resolution yet.Would contact them further but cannot access the support page either. I guess I’ll just have to wait it out.


you can send them an email at if you cannot log into your web admin panel


Thanks because clearing the cookies to get the page to load, takes me to the login page. The login page takes me to a blank page, which requires a clearing of cookies, which logs me out. Either way, I can’t do anything panel wise. I did however email them and refer them to this thread.