Panel Down - Account Suspended - How to pay it now?

  • Note: this is not about the mass billing cockup, my account was overdue *

I received an email this morning saying my account was suspended - all of my domains are down - but I haven’t been able to pay my bill because the panel has been down since yesterday “due to maintenance”.

I haven’t even received an auto-responder on my reply asking for details on how to pay by PayPal, which seems the only immediate payment method left.

I haven’t paid through PayPal in ages, added a credit card to my PayPal account and looked up old payments to DH, but the billing history (from 2006) says it was paid to support@dreamhost, not billing@dreamhost and I am hoping to at least send it to the right address.

Does anyone know

  1. what the right address is to pay by PayPal?
  2. contact address that will result in a reply/acknowledgement?

… would really appreciate any suggestions.

And I don’t think it’s unfair to say that it’s pretty rotten to leave somebody waiting for the panel to come up so they can pay the bill and then suspend their account when they can’t even access their panel to pay it.

All this for 12 bucks.

: (


Hi, i hope Dreamhost Honchos read this. I think that one thing they need to do in the process is unsuspend all accounts until they have rectified the situation…even unpaid accounts.

If it is an unpaid account and the name registration has to be purchased, perhaps that might be a little more to ask. But, I think it’s a wise decision on dreamhosts part, proactive.


It seems that bashing the panel over and over until you get in works… I was able to access the panel sporadically so far today.


My account was suspended due to the billing problems today. I was able to log in & make a payment as well as use my built up credits, but my account is still listed as suspended. I’m guessing this is why none of my customers can access their e-mail. Very frustrating.


Hi Mac (and Raven, and NiceP)

In and out of the panel, entered new card details, page hung… tried again - page unavailable, not sure how many hours I’ve lost to this.

Just tried it again and it went through - with a thank you for a payment of [color=#CC0000]$52.25[/color]

So much for an overdue amount of $12.45 to get my sites back up.

I’ve been a DH subscriber for 4 1/2 years, referred a lot of people in that time, not for a bonus (which I’ve only received once in a while) - because I believed so much in them.

A picture of “this guy” and “we’re really, really sorry…” doesn’t do much to make up for what hell this has been, and from the other ‘CC’ topic looks like a lot of people taking it on the neck with automatic billing.

I think you were spot on about restoring everybody’s account, under the circumstances would have been a decent thing to do.

If nothing else, DH - you need to make a policy that you don’t suspend people’s accounts when you know people can’t access the panel to pay it.



Margaret - Is your account still suspended? The payment I made on mine made no change to that.


I just got into the panel. I’m sure it’s heavily loaded, so give it time.



After repeated tries I was able to login to panel and had to pay $9.95 (not sure for what, did i overlook something?). Which I did.
It said account enabled, but now I do not see any of my domains in the panel!!


NavInv - that is what I am worried about.

I spoke to billing four days ago, and was given an extension on my bill; after today’s glitch my account is suspended and no domains, databases, email addresses or anything else are listed in the panel.

On whois, my domain name is still registered to DreamHost, and the DNS servers are the same as they used to be… which gives me some hope that all my data is still on the server. But frankly I am a bit gun-shy at present and until I see that my data s intact, I am not keen to make payments and then risk that in re-setting the account they don’t manage to wipe everything.

I think that Support is going to be up to their armpits in requests between now and (indefinite future date) so I am just sitting on my hands until they get around to reactivating my account…