Panel change very slow

Anyone else finding panel changes to email addressess very slow, or are they completely stuck?

The panel said “Successfully added Note: It will take a few minutes for this new address to become active.” which is a big improvement on the one hour it used to say… unfortunately that was 20 horus ago and still the address won’t accept mail.

I’ve been waiting a couple of hours for an e-mail address addition. Webmail is there and I can send mail from the address successfully, but no dice on incoming.


I waited 72 hours, still “user unknown”, and then checked the panel - the address has disappeared. I kept the panel’s acknowledgement, so we’ll see what Support says.

I added an address yesterday around 10am MST and it still is not accepting mail, however it is listed under addresses in the panel. From the response time I’ve seen in the past I get the feeling that the addresses have to be setup manually by someone at DH, (just a guess) as the time required seems to vary widely.