Panel Available?

Am i the only one not able to access the panel? This is kinda frustrating because w/o the panel, I can’t submit a help desk ticket saying I can’t access the panel…I feel like Yossarian (obscure Catch-22 reference).


I can’t display the panel either at present. It is pingable, but the page(s) won’t load.

I’d suggest waiting a few minutes and trying again, as Dreamhost staff uses the panel constantly during the day and I’m sure they have noticed the panel is “wonky”, and will get it corrected.

You are right about the “Yossarian” aspects of the situation; the “Catch-22” you reference has been discussed in these forums at length :wink: .

You can contact DH via the form if you want to report the panel down, though I have found they usually notice it as quickly as any of us notice it. :wink:


The panel is back up for me as of 13:45 PST.