Panel API for automated email and user creation

I’ve been working on an API system for the dreamhost panel so a person could create an email address and user space at my domain all automatically, with stuff ftp access and such.

Been at work not for months and I am not making any progress with connecting upto the page. So far I’ve just been using CURL within some php.

Any suggestions that may make this easier? Or is there an panel API already coded up, by either the fellows at dreamhost or maybe someone else attempting to do the same.

The situation is someone goes to, the usual sign-up TOS/EULA kind of stuff. Name, login name, password, real email address, etc. etc.
It is then passed off to a cron script or the such; Double checks the user doesn’t already have space, or the like.
After that the API logs into the panel, creates the email address with a random password, and then emails the user with the random password created and the smtp/pop address, and the web addresses for webmail and mailboxes.
Then it’ll create the subfolder on the and email them with the info on how to access that.

Though I’ve just trashed what I’ve been doing before as it was literally going no where and trying again.

Any ideas or suggestions on this would help. Thanks in advanced guys and gals.