Panel Access Probs

I’m having trouble accessing my panel. I’ve tried it with Firefox and IE; I’ve cleaned out the cache, cookies, history, etc. from both of them. I’ve tried it again. I’ve tried going to and then clicking log-in and I’ve tried going directly to

At first it wouldn’t bring up the log-in page. Then I closed out of the browsers and tried again and again. Eventually I was able to get the log-in page to show up. However, I would enter my information and nothing… just a constant processing of getting nowhere.

The only thing I haven’t done is reboot my pc, but I’m not sure how that would affect anything. I obviously can get to other websites and this forum, so why can’t I get to my panel?

What are the usual problem-solving steps when one can’t access the panel due to server time-out (assuming that is what it is as haven’t received an error message)? This is frustrating. I’ve had some slow panel access problems in the past, but not all the time, and this one is the worst. Dreamhost status doesn’t indicate there is a problem so I was wondering if anyone knows the possible causes of this happening and what I can do to minimize and work with and around it when it does happen again.

Thank you,

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I was having this for a bit but only in Firefox. I contacted support and they told me it is something to do with Firefox and cookies. Even after clearing it out that didn’t help however this did work.

Login like normal. Then when you get the blank page change the url to read “” then press enter. It should work now.

For the last two days I can’t login in the panel. I’m located in Germany. My cousin from Spain also can not.

I know the Firefox problem, but this is something different.

The server just does not respond, but I see nothing about it in the RSS feed. Anyone else with this problem?

It’s dreamhosts problem. You have to use IE an insecure browser because their scripts are screwed? Again, WTF dreamhost? I run Linux, so IE isn’t not an option for me.

I try with both Firefox and Opera. I can only login with Opera. Firefox wants to save the CGI script to my hard drive for index everytime I try to login.

Opera logs in but as soon as I click login, I get a “connection closed by remote server” message. I hit refresh and get into the control panel.

Seriously, these guys should look into CPanel which actually works. Most of their panel functionailty has blips that support has to reverse.

With Firefox I just re-enter the address and it works; it doesn’t ask me to save any file.

The login problem was fixed before, but surfaced again after the recent events. Other than the login problem, the panel and all its features works for me. cPanel on the other hand was pain in the backside.

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