Paid for support Question?

I am having some issues with uploading my web site. I am pretty sure it is a me problem and I need some technical help. I do not think the fee for this of 9.95 a month is awful but it says this is a recurring charge? So can I pay for one month and then cancel the support in the next month or at the end of next month? As I do not foresee needing it for a full year? (I hope any way)

Just want to be sure before I go ahead with the request and am on the hook for more money then I really want to pay.

Thanks for the Help

If you think it to much pay on each month and you not got to much information to got it you should to stop looking for another service or do another plan.

It is for telephone support, by telephone it can be very difficult to understand what has to be done, depending on the issue you have and how much you understand anything and techno babble.

The forums here are great and free support, from DH and fellow customers.

To answer your question, yes you can cancel the phonecall back support (max. 3 phonecalls) anytime you want.

Thank you for the response and the tech support did fix the problem. I now have a web site up and running

The also graciously went in and changed the settings on my account so I would only be charged for the one month tech support. Above and beyond what was needed. A VERY HAPPY CUSTOMER