Paid, Approved, No service!

Hello I’ve registered to Dreamhost two days ago and paid immediately. I e-mail the customer service to have my accoun t approved. They approved it fairly quickly however I could not use the service even after the approval.

I logged into the control panel and tried to setup an user, but the system says I can no longer add an user unless I upgrade. Ironically the system shows there is no user under my account. I did whois to the domain i registered through Dreamhost, and it’s still available. Then I went to “my account summary”, the system shows I don’t have any services.

I tried to e-mail Dreamhost customer service, three different people responded but none of them can fix my problem nor tell me what is exactly wrong with my account.
The last respond that I got was “You are moved to a level 2 queue”, and didn’t tell me what is going on with my account.

I thought this should be a small problem and can be easily fixed by Dreamhost?

Please help me Thank you!

How much time did all this take? Minutes? Hours? Days?
You should expect at least a few hours, or perhaps a day, from the time your payment is approved until the time that you can fully access all the features of your plan. It simply takes a little while to get started.

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Hello I think i’ve mention that I paid three days ago and also got approved 3 days ago

You said so and I missed it - sorry. Support told you that it is now a level 2 thing. That just means that the normal support staff can’t fix it and they’ve passed it on to specialists in the company. You should still get a fairly quick service, so if you haven’t heard back from them for 1-2 days you should definitely remind them!

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