Pagespeed optimization beta


what exactly is being done to the server when the pagespeed optimization is being activate?

i already have wp-cache with mod rewrite on my wordpress site - just trying to avoid any errors


Basically nothing.
It just allows the pagespeed tools that Google offers to work correctly for your website.
Click the link under it and Google explains the rest.

It are very handy tools to optimize your website/blog, because it gives detailed info on how and what you can improve to get a better, faster website which makes Google happy and then gives you a higher rank.

I get 92/100 on my heavy blog
Try and do better then that.


yeah i installed the wp super cache plugin for wordpress
and followed the wiki steps to get a better pagespeed

sent from a 71 to a 96
but often this goes up and down from 71 back up to 96? not sure why
i put in a support question about it


It is the Keep-Alive that Google put new a few months ago.
Dreamhost has to put that on and it is, but sometimes it fails for some reason and then Google says Take care of the Keep-Alive which are mostly images.


hmm strange
guess its not perfect i just want to make sure the cache and the gzip are working properly


Just check it when is low you will see the keep-alive with a red dot, high it is not there