I was wondering if anyone can help me… I cant seem to figure out how to add pages to dreamhost so they show up on my site i uploaded the index page and that shows up fine but i cant seem to figure out how to get other pages on my site can anyone help me??


If you’ve already created you site on your home computer, then you need to make a direct copy of all files and directories you already have.

Which software are you using for creating your site and/or FTP?



Im trying to use dreamweaver. I want to add like a contact page and about us page and stuff but cant seem to get them to show up


You put the other pages onto your site in precisely the same manner as you put the index.html page onto your site:

You upload that page, and it’s assets (graphics, etc.), from your computer to a web accessible directory on the DreamHost server using an ftp or sftp program.



would i make a new directory? or put it under the index directory?


That depends entirely upon how you decide to organize your site… either way will work as long as you link to the various pages properly. Just make sure that if you do make a new directory you make it beneath the existing directory that hold your index.html file (so it will remain “on your website”).

You should probably take a few minutes and do some reading: