Pages Won't Load Anymore

For some reason all of the sudden i’m unable to load my pages for long periods during the day. My domains are at and They are fully hosted. Strange thing is, while we have no special filter or router settings at work (it’s my business, i do all the administration), it seems to have trouble mostly when i’m at work. And it usually works, but for long periods it doesnt. I’m not having this problem with any random websites i find on google though. Is there something on Dreamhosts end that doesn’t like my connection?

I tried to access them both just now. I couldn’t get to either site. 10 seconds later, I reloaded the pages and I could get to both. You should definitely contact support through the control panel.

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dreamhost seems to be down AGAIN! i can’t access any of the 30+ sites that i manage.


They were having problems with the filer but now it has been 48 hours and still my sites are going down evry other hour.

same here on the OCEAN server…pages take FOREVER to load…if they even load at all. Getting database errors once and a while too. May be time to find a more reliable server.

me too. my site is on the machine called ‘happy’ - but it’s been anything but happy this week. i’ve had mega-slow functionality AT BEST for 5 or 6 days now. it’s driving me insane.

“rollo” appears to be finally near-normal. From the end of last week until the middle of this week, it was largely unusable. My custom google gadget still runs into trouble sometimes from the packet loss accessing my sites. I’ve had database issues off and on as well. Hopefully things will be back to normal soon…

Check out Gordaen’s Knowledge, the blog, and the MR2 page.

I’m on dingdong… Problems seem to of been intermitant.

As of right now, I cannot access the add domain feature on the control panel. :frowning: