Pages not appearing
can anyone tell me why the site does not appear?
I uploaded an index.html page with the other files to the folder on dreamhost…I am at a loss.

Did you upload them to the “” folder?

I uploaded them, via Fetch, to the folder on DH,
I’m still at a loss to understand why the site does not appear?
Thanks again for any suggestions.

I think it depends on if you are a second user perhaps.
I created another user for a friend, to store some files, but when they logged in they couldn’t see anything.
So I had to user Domains->Re-map Sub dir to change where the direction went.

For example, if I wanted user1 to be the main one, but user2 is to manage images at, I would set up a remap to /home/user2/ from Maybe this is your problem?

You may have just uploaded your site to an old host if you only recently changed your DNS over to us.

Looking in your folder on our server, it’s blank… nothing in the main home directory either! You can try connecting directly to also and putting the index.html file in your you’ll see there.

That should definitely do it!


i think you are right about the old/wrong host. i just can’t get into the right folder, however i.e., the web id and user password I have are taking me to the old host which is where i’m uploading the files.
The client is traveling and i cannot reach them to get the correct id and password. What is That url does not work.
Thanks for your very well informed help.