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Okay… I am totally new, please help. I have a blog at Blogger, and I’d really like to move it to my own domain and expand on it a bit. However, I try to upload my files to and then go to said address, it shows me an “/ Index of” page. Am I doing something wrong? If so… how can I fix it?? I’d love some help. Thanks.


Sounds like the files aren’t being uploaded successfully or you didn’t choose to publish to a filename called index.html. In Blogger, when you click on “Settings”, what do you have entered in the Basics section for Publish, URL, FTP Server, FTP Path, and Blog Filename?

As for the FTP username and password, make sure you have entered values that you have confirmed work successfully from an FTP client like Fetch, WS-FTP, or ftp from a shell prompt.


My settings menu is as follows:

Blog URL:
FTP server:
FTP path: (this is blank, because I want my blog to be my homepage)
Blog Filename: index.html

My username and password have been accepted by cuteFTP, so I know that they work. I can’t figure out what else I might be doing wrong.
Thanks for the help.


Okay, I changed my mind. I decided I want to have my blog be a subpage, so I decided the address should be However, it is still not working. My blogger settings menu now looks like this:

Blog URL:
FTP server:
FTP path: /log
Blog Filename: log.html

The blog template shows up now, and everything else is working, but the entries aren’t there. GHAA!! Someone please help, I’m getting frusterated.



Blog URL:
FTP server:
FTP path:
Blog Filename: log.html

The above config is similar to what I’m successfully using with a test Blogger blog on my site.


Oh my god, thank you so much!! It works!

You’re awesome.


No problem. Glad I could help.