Page speed Service(PSS) by Google - Cname Change

I was trying to make the changes to my website so i can use Google Page speed service which was announced on July 28, 2011.

You can get the details of the service from - But to make the changes i need to change the CNAME value for “www” which is disabled in Dreamhost hosting. Can you please let me know how can i make those changes.

You can see more details on why CNAME www requires to be change here -

I use the Page Speed Service that’s available in Manage Domains here (click Edit on your Fully Hosted domain). And I didn’t have to modify the CNAME record (it’s the same IP address as my non-www domain entry).

When I view my site, my Activity Window shows several Pagespeed entries. They don’t show up in View Source.

If you have Pagespeed enabled on your domain, check the Activity Window of your browser.
On Safari, it’s Option-Command-A
I don’t know what it is in other browsers.

@sdayman Thanks for responding. But what you are using is just caching some contents through Apache Mod. Whereas what i am talking about is Page speed paid service by Google in which Google Servers will cache your website contents on different CDN’s around the globe which inturn will enable faster accessibility of your website.

Any clues about that ?

If all else fails, contact Support. They can usually edit your non-editable DNS records.