Page refreshes abysmal - 1st time working with Dreamhost

Hi -

I’m sure I’m not the first person to ask about page refresh times with a new Wordpress install site. I am running on a shared server with Dreamhost and this is my first time working with this host.

Page refresh times on a newly installed WP site at are just atrocious. I am using the GeneratePress Premium theme with standard WooCommerce storefront.

I am used to working with GoDaddy shared hosts with this type of configuration, and the sites just load faster, perform better, etc.

What do I need to know to get this site working up to speed? It is taking me hours to get done what I do in an hour with GoDaddy.

Thank you in advance.


thanks for sharing the url of your site. I gave a look at it and it doesn’t seem to be too slow… although I wouldn’t call it snappy either. To get a more objective measure I checked with gtmetrix and the pagespeed score is A.

When did you notice these issues? I checked to see if there were outages but none is there… Do you still see this issue? Maybe do a treceroute to see if there are networking issues between you and DreamHost servers? Consider opening a support ticket so this matter can be investigated properly: an empty wordpress site should not be atrociously slow.

Honestly, this is making zero sense as I noticed it pretty much immediately after the wordpress install. Page refreshes are taking 4-6 seconds, just for wordpress pages. In the admin, when I add a product to woocommerce, the page refreshes take even longer, sometimes like 10 seconds. No clue, and for me to have to spend time on this so early in the dev process is just a tremendous time suck. Theme is GeneratePress Premium. Only other plugins so far that are even uploaded and activated are Woocommerce and WP Super Cache, which is enabled without any further mods to that plugin.

No clue, but I can’t deal with this so early in the process. Might just be moving to GoDaddy. Sorry, this is just not what I need to give me time to when I have clients to serve.

Totally understood: I’d be quite angry too. It’s bizzarre though that I don’t see things being that slow and I wonder what’s the root cause … I also understand that it’s not worth for you investigating more. Sorry it didn’t work out.